Rumor: Website offers 'fake girlfriend' for $750?

Looking for a lover who only exists on the Internet? A new site has you covered.

CONFIRMED: A website is offering 'fake girlfriends' on the Internet

Tired of having a Facebook wall that's devoid of endearing messages from a lover? Sick of looking at a cell phone that has no "i luv u" texts or sappy voicemails? If so, then the website Fake Internet Girlfriend may have the answer.

Full-service fakery

Fake Internet Girlfriend is exactly what it sounds like: a fake female persona that exists entirely online but communicates publicly with a customer as if she is his devoted lover. The recently launched service is making ripples in the media, with the Atlantic, Jezebel and New York Magazine reporting on the company. For a three-month commitment of $250 per month, the site will create a Facebook profile of an invented woman, then use it to leave personalized notes on the customer's Facebook page, while also leaving messages at his work, sending texts and recording voicemails. For an extra $100 per month customers can order the Gamer Girl package in which the "girlfriend" will also join online gaming communities like "World of Warcraft" and "Everquest II" and play along with the customer. The site does not offer fake boyfriends for female clients.

But why?

The Fake Internet Girlfriend site lays out several reasons for why someone would want a to pay $750 to "date" a person they will never actually meet, including making an ex-girlfriend jealous, keeping inquiring friends and family members at bay, and making it easier to get a job because "some employers are biased towards single folks." The site makes the bold claim that "it would cost you way more than $250 a month if you had a real girlfriend," anyway, so paying for a fake girlfriend is better because it comes without the "drama" though, the site says it can always add drama "if that's what makes you happy."

Catfish for hire

News of the service comes on the heels on Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o having perhaps the most high-profile fake girlfriend in history. And it turns out that services similar to Fake Internet Girlfriend already exist. The site GirlfriendHire offers clean text messages and Facebook posts from a fake person at $5 a pop. What a $750 fake girlfriend gets a customer that a $5 text message or Facebook post doesn't, is that the former promises to custom make an entire persona that will exist to please (online only) for as long as someone keeps their credit card tab open.



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