Rumor: UFO over Taj Mahal seen by Indian army

Screen grab of alleged UFO sighting over Taj Mahal.

Did Indian troops see a UFO above the Taj Mahal? A rash of alleged UFO sightings have been reported in the area of the India-China border.

FALSE: Like most sightings, there's no actual proof

The Inquisitr says that a UFO may have been seen above the Taj Mahal. It even conflates the supposed flying object with similar reports along the Chinese-Indian border. But its "report" is short on proof.

The Inquisitr says it has video of a "UFO caught on tape over Taj Mahal." But the video in question looks mysteriously like a bug on the camera screen.

The Inquisitr also claims that 100s of UFO sightings have been reported in recent months by Indian troops on the Chinese border. But as DNA India points out, the country's defense minister has denied those reports. He's also pointed to scientific research that provides a much more likely explanation for the sightings: what the troops are actually seeing are the planets Jupiter and Venus, which are easily visible in the high altitude near the border.

And UFO sightings have still not been acknowledged by officials, as the Washington Post points out.



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