Rumor: Twitter being used to cast a movie?

Social media site could predict which actors best fit film

CONFIRMED: Twitter official says effort under way but doesn't reveal movie

Adam Bain, president of global revenue at Twitter, said he was approached recently by a movie producer who proposed the idea of making casting decisions well in advance using the social media site, Mashable reported. Bain declined to reveal the studio or movie for which Twitter would be providing its services.

"One studio chief said, 'I've got a film in production right now and I'm making casting decisions. What can Twitter tell me about a movie that's going to appear two years from now?'"

While not revealing any details, Bain did say Twitter would use a "Moneyball"-type effort to find undervalued talent. Actors and actresses would be considered based on their engagement on Twitter, rather than their follower counts, Bain told Mashable.

Twitter upgraded

Soon, Twitter users will be able to retrieve tweets more than a week old, NBC News, PC World and other outlets reported. Over the next few days, members will start seeing a greater percentage of tweets ever sent, engineer Paul Berstein said.

NC-17 on Twitter?

After adult content briefly appeared on Twitter's video-sharing app, Vine, the site slapped an adult rating on its updated software, according to the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News and other news websites. Users simply are required to confirm that they are 17 years or older by clicking "OK."

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