Rumor: Trayvon Martin was an honors student

Was Trayvon Martin an honors student?

Did the gunned-down teen really have such stellar grades? As the trial involving Martin's shooter winds down, rumors are heating up.

UNCONFIRMED: Like so much involving Martin, the truth here is elusive

There are some rumors about Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen killed last year by George Zimmerman, that we know aren't true. Like the one that says the mainstream media is hiding the real photo of Martin, a picture of a tatted-up adult that's actually 31-year-old rapper The Game. That's obviously bogus, as Snopes points out.

Then there are the things that are harder to confirm. Like Martin's grades. Though presumably it shouldn't matter what kind of student the 17-year-old was before he was shot and killed, the unfortunate reality is that it does. At least to some people. As a result, and as the Inquisitr reports, there's now a Twitter meme claiming that Martin was an honors student with a 3.7 GPA.

It's impossible to confirm this — MSN News just tried — because Martin's school records have not been released. All we have to go on is a quote from one of Martin's teachers recorded by the Orlando Sentinel that he was an "A and B" student.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's murder trial continues. On Friday, the jury heard from Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, who was given the painful task of identifying her son's alleged screams on a police recording.



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