Rumor: The new Google X phone will be shatter-proof

Device would feature a bendable screen designed for better durability

UNCONFIRMED: That a 'bendy' screen is in the works

According to tech web sites such as Mashable and Complex Tech, every feature of the purported new Android device is purely speculation. But Google CEO Larry Page hinted that a more durable device wasn't too far away. Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled its "unbreakable" prototype smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Click here to watch video of a drop test.)

"There’s a lot of room for innovation in hardware," Page said in an interview with Wired magazine. "The phones we use now have glass that everyone worries will break if they drop the device. Five or 10 years from now, that will be different." (Read more accounts of the rumor here.)

Rumors of the Google X began flying last fall when the Wall State Journal ran a report declaring its existence and boasting that the phone will contain the most sophisticated Android hardware the company can develop. In effect, the Google X would "stand apart" from all other phones on the market. A Google X tablet also is reportedly in the works.

Word also has spread that the devices will be revealed at Google's next developer's conference in May, the Daily Mail reported. Other rumored features include gesture recognition technology, longer battery life and wireless charging capabilities. According to the tech blog, Ulitzer, this would mark the first time Google controlled every aspect of the phone's development. Currently, Google owns a Nexus line of devices built by its Android partners.


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