Rumor: 'The Conjuring' movie is based on real events

Cast member Vera Farmiga poses with movie director James Wan at the premiere of 'The Conjuring.'

Did the events chronicled in 'The Conjuring,' the recently released and popular horror movie, really happen in real life?

UNCONFIRMED: As with all ghost stories, it’s the believer’s word against the nonbeliever's

The haunted house movie "The Conjuring" has scared up surprisingly solid box-office numbers and remarkable reviews, considering the genre overflows with similar films. Its success might be partly attributable to its "based on a true story" premise, but is it really a true story?

The film follows real-life married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, self-proclaimed "demonologists" who spent their careers investigating thousands of cases involving paranormal activities, one of which was depicted in the 1979 film "The Amityville Horror."

What isn’t debatable in "The Conjuring" is the Warrens’ assistance of the Perron family, who moved into a house in the early 1970s that all parties claimed was haunted. From there, the veracity of the story depends on what you’re willing to believe.

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The real-life Lorraine Warren told The Christian Post, "I think (the filmmakers) did a pretty good job" and described scenes from the movie that were close to her memories of interactions with the Perron family and their home.

Andrea Perron, one of the family's young daughters, wrote a book about their experience, and she insists that her family did indeed live in a haunted house. She told that "The Conjuring" is "based on a true story … our story. … (The Warrens) conducted an investigation of our home between 1973-74, and the movie tells our story from their perspective."

That any of them experienced paranormal behavior, however, is not accepted by everyone. The New England Skeptical Society, whose president, Dr. Steven Novella, is an assistant professor of neurology at the Yale School of Medicine, has gone on record against the Warrens’ work several times.

"We looked at the strongest evidence Ed and Lorraine were willing to offer us, and not a shred of it held up to even the most cursory scrutiny," a representative from the society told MSN News. "So can anyone really be 'helpful' if there is no supporting evidence? It is extremely hard to argue that such practices are helpful to anyone."

According to, "The Conjuring" is expected to scare up a sequel.


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