Rumor: Takis chips cause cancer, ulcers in kids

Are the popular spicy chips shaped like rolled-up taquitos really causing cancer and stomach ulcers in children?

UNCONFIRMED: Though they're definitely not healthy

If you've never heard of Takis, or Hot Cheetos, it's probably because you're old. Takis are a brand of chip made by a Mexican company meant to look like a rolled up taco. What do they share in common with Hot Cheetos? They're both spicy, and they're both beloved by kids. Witness this mediocre rap song, with over six million views.

But are these chips also dangerous? According to this first-person account by the mother of a 10-year-old daughter collected on Snopes, yes they are. The mom says that eating too many Takis put her daughter in the hospital. There, a doctor told her that the snack had been the cause of a 16-month-old's throat cancer.

Is there any truth to the story? According to the Fresno Bee, there is. Last year, the paper talked to the chief of pediatrics at a local hospital, who said that the chip's spiciness increased stomach acidity which led to painful stomach aches. “I've had patients go to the ER because of it,” she said. “It's insane, absolutely insane.”

The chips are certainly unhealthy. What makes things worse though is that kids, being kids, often don't know when to stop eating them. One bag becomes two, becomes three and suddenly they're in the hospital.

Yet Snopes did not find any nutritionist who could say that Takis have been linked to cancer, however. And the nutritionist quoted in the Bee story who spoke with MSN News said she couldn't either. Either way, and as always, the answer is probably “everything in moderation,” especially Takis.



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