Rumor: Samsung developing smartwatch to counter Apple's 'iWatch'

A rumored product to compete against another rumored product?

UNCONFIRMED: Samsung is developing a smartwatch device

Rumors that Apple is developing a new smartphone-style wrist watch, or 'iWatch' as it's been unofficially dubbed, have taken tech blogs by storm in the last two weeks. Now, as ComputerWorld and BGR report, Samsung is said to to be designing its own 'smartwatch' which could compete with Apple's.

Leaked screenshots

Reports of Samsung's supposed watch prototype began Thursday when SlashGear posted what it said were leaked screenshots of the new "Samsung Altius" a device that had been thought to be the company's latest smartphone. The screenshots, however, showed a square 500x500 display with a black-and-white color scheme clearly not the shape of any smartphone. Features on the supposed device include an MP3 player, instant messaging and, of course, the time.

See photos of supposed designs for the Samsung watch

'iWatch' watch continues

Meanwhile, Apple's rumored efforts in smartwatch development have attracted the attention of media outlets worldwide. The latest news on the so-called iWatch is that there is a team of 100 people working on it and that it has moved from a fringe rumor to an all-but-certain future product. Still, questions remain over what kind of technology would be available on the device and whether people would actually buy another "smart" device to carry around, on top of their phones, tablets, laptops and various other technological accoutrements.

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