Rumor: Queen Elizabeth I was imposter in drag

New controversial book claims Queen Elizabeth I was an imposter in drag, according to unearthed historic manuscripts.

UNCONFIRMED: It's hard to confirm rumors about people who have been dead for hundreds of years

Elizabeth I, more famously known as the Virgin Queen, was often lauded for having the strength of a man. But according to the Daily Mail, a novelist believes that's because she was one.

The story goes like this. King Henry VIII sent away his daughter Elizabeth, the princess and only child of his marriage to Anne Boleyn, to a small town in the country to avoid the plague sweeping through London. But Elizabeth's caretakers weren't able to keep her alive. A day before the King's visit, she died. Frightened of the gruesome deaths they'd suffer as a result, the caretakers then dressed up a village boy and former playmate of the princess and passed him off as Henry's daughter. A ruse that actually worked.

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American novelist Steve Berry is building a whole book called “The King's Deception” around the tale. And he's not alone in his belief. Bram Stoker, the 19th-century author behind “Dracula,” devoted a whole chapter in one of his books to what he saw as the enormous cover-up. Causing further suspicion are the actions of the queen herself. Elizabeth was famous for never taking suitors, marrying, or providing the country with an heir, an act which could have avoided a long, deadly war with Spain.

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Berry, perhaps in an effort to sell more books or in the genuine interest of a man seeking an answer to a question, says the solution is clear: the former queen should be dug up.

“Elizabeth's grave has never been breached,” he told the Mail. “Now it's time to open it up and see what's in there.”



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