Rumor: Police started cabin fire in fight with Christopher Dorner

An audio recording purportedly shows police discussing 'burner' deployed in the fight with fugitive Christopher Dorner

UNCONFIRMED: Police were responsible for setting a cabin on fire in fight with Christopher Dorner

The six-day manhunt for alleged murderer and former Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner came to a dramatic and fiery end on Tuesday at a cabin in Big Bear, Calif. But was the cabin fire that may have claimed Dorner’s life an accident, was it set by Dorner, or, as an audio recording reported by the Daily Beast and Guardian appears to suggest, was it set by police?

'Seven burners deployed'

As live television crews and millions of their viewers watched, law enforcement from numerous agencies surrounded a wooden cabin where Dorner – a man who had promised to wage "warfare" on the LAPD in a widely read online screed  – was said to be holed up. After a firefight that claimed the life of a sheriff’s deputy – allegedly Dorner’s fourth victim – and injured another, a fire suddenly erupted in the building. A recording of what is said to be police scanners during the faceoff includes one person saying "we're gonna go forward with the plan, with, er, with the burn," before soon adding "seven burners deployed and we have a fire," to which a female voice says "Copy. Seven burners deployed and we have a fire."

Listen to the audio recording

Body found

The charred remains of a body were later found in the smouldering rubble of the cabin, but police have yet to identify the body as that of Dorner (though his driver’s license was reportedly found near the body). The cause of death also has yet to be determined. A "single gunshot" from "inside the building" was also reported during the firefight, making it possible that the fugitive ended his own life.

Conspiracy theories abound

During the firefight a tweet from the Santa Barbara County district attorney’s account asked journalists to "stop tweeting immediately," leading to later accusations that the police were imposing a "media blackout." As reports, numerous conspiracies have now been floated on Twitter alleging that police are guilty of "burning a man alive" and are attempting now to cover it up.

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