Rumor: Oklahoma teacher fired for praying during tornado

Was an Oklahoma elementary school teacher fired for praying while a tornado was hitting her school?


It's not true, though a lot of angry people think it is

According to the Palookaville Post, on the Friday after a tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, a local elementary school teacher was fired from her job after she admitted to praying during the storm. The complaint that cost Paulina Trumble her position at Briarwood Elementary allegedly came from an atheist couple, reported the Post.

All of this might be enraging if it were true, but it's not. The Post is actually a satire site that leans hard to the political right. But that doesn't mean some people haven't gotten very, very angry because of the false report.


According to The Oklahoman, an actual news site, Moore Superintendent Susan Pierce says that “officials are getting emotional messages from people who believed the story from across the country, including one email that included a specific threat against Briarwood Elementary Principal Shelley Jaques-McMillan.”

MSN News attempted to contact Moore Public Schools to get a better sense of what that email said, but has yet to hear back.

“That is such a mean-spirited and disrespectful action,” Pierce told the paper. “I was heartsick.”

The storm passed through Moore last Monday. At least 24 people lost their lives, and some 20,000 were displaced.



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