Rumor: NYC bike-share program bans 'obese cyclists'

Is a new bike-share program banning overweight riders?


Report claims program bans overweight bikers, but weight limit won't be enforced

A New York Post report claims that a new bike-share program in New York City will ban riders who weigh too much, but MSN News learned those weight limits won't be strictly enforced.

Portland, Oregon-based Alta Bicycle Share runs a number of bike-share programs, in Washington, D.C., Boston, London and other cities.  It's just expanded to New York City, which seems like the perfect place to offer riders a chance to hop on and off a bike with no fear of having it stolen.

Alta has the same contract language in every city. And as MSN News confirmed with Alta, that language explicitly states that the maximum weight for a bike rider is 265 pounds. The Post's report says the limit is 260 pounds, which Alta denies.

So why put a weight limit on riders? Because even though Alta's cruisers weigh 40 pounds, the company says they can't support much more than the limit.

That limit, however, won't be strictly enforced, at least in the Big Apple. As Jon Orcutt, New York City's Department of Transportation policy director, told the Post, "I think people will be self-selecting, practical and safe."

The bike-share program will begin this month and users can sign up for $95 per year or $25 per week, the Post reports.



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