Rumor: Northern Colorado wants to secede, become 51st state

State Capitol in Denver

Unhappy with the state's government, a few rural counties in north Colorado want to secede and become their own state.

UPDATE: A growing number of northeastern Colorado counties will ask their residents in the fall if they want to secede from Colorado and form a 51st state, according to an MSN News report.  As many as 10 northeastern Colorado counties could vote to secede and form a 51st state of North Colorado, but the vote would largely be symbolic.

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TRUE: Though proponents face a long and difficult road

Leaders from a few rural counties in north Colorado say they're fed up with their home state and have started looking into the process of secession, which would effectively make them the 51st state, reports The Denver Post and others. The plan was first hatched last month during a Colorado Counties Inc. conference, reports the Post.

Weld County Commissioner Doug Rademacher tells MSN News that the plan came about because of frustration with the Legislature and the governor's office, both of which are controlled by Democrats. Like Weld, the counties looking into secession are all rural and have become upset, Rademacher says, at attempts to further curb Second Amendment rights, along with what he and others see as high taxes on the lucrative fracking and oil industries.

“Frankly, they can't afford to let us go,” Rademacher says of Colorado. “The state has balanced its budget off of Weld County and our energy money.”

Rademacher admits that he and his fellow proponents have a long road ahead of them. Successful secession depends on a ballot initiative, then votes from the Colorado General Assembly and Congress, both of which are likely unwilling to further dilute their legislative powers.


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