Rumor: New iPhone will have fingerprint scanner

Will the next generation of Apple's iPhone feature a fingerprint scanner?

Will the next generation of Apple's iPhone really identify its owner with the swipe of a finger using a fingerprint scanner?

UNCONFIRMED: Though coders say they've found clues.

As CNN and others report, Apple's early preview of its new operating system has some people convinced that the next-generation iPhone will feature a fingerprint sensor.

According to 9to5Mac, a coder named Hamza Sood first identified what he and others say are clues to the new feature. Sood sent 9to5Mac a few lines of code in the new beta version of iOS 7. That code includes what appears to be voiceover text instructing the phone owner "holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb," and also includes lines like "fingerprint.status" and "thumb_Recognition."

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To Sood and others, this means the new iPhone is likely to have fingerprint sensor technology that has long been rumored, possibly for a new payments system or merely as a safer way to unlock the phone. But of course there's no confirmation that his hunch is correct. And famously tight-lipped Apple has not responded to MSN News nor others seeking comment on this or other rumors, including that the new iPhone will also feature a larger screen.

iPhone fingerprint recognition?

iPhone fingerprint recognition?
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