Rumor: Nebraska hires Kate Upton for recruiting

Nebraska will not be hiring Upton to land a top five class nationally next year.

Unconfirmed: Nebraska hires Kate Upton for recruiting.

Corn Nation, a blog for the Nebraska Corn Huskers, wrote Tuesday that with the NCAA proposing new recruiting rules, athletic departments are opening up their check books to hire people they believe will help bring new talent to their schools.

Like, for example, Kate Upton.

But the post was a satire, as is obvious from some of the quotes and other recruiter names that cropped up in it.

That hasn't stopped Upton's fans from wishing on social media that the news was true, with many saying that they were ready to transfer to Nebraska to simply catch a glimpse of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model

Fake statement

The blog even posted a fake statement from Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst:

"The Big Ten athletic directors agree that these new rules are not permissible and could cause a destabilization of the recruiting system. However, in case they are upheld, we at the University of Nebraska want to be prepared to 'tackle' these recruits properly.

"We believe that Kate Upton's 'assets' can help us. Her exclusive contract with the University of Nebraska will go a long way into returning Nebraska to the glory days. Kate's job description will include meeting the recruits for "one-on-one" visits and spending some quality time with them.

"We look forward to having Kate on our team and to the many prosperous years ahead of us."


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