Rumor: NASA war document predicts worldwide annihilation

A video claims that a NASA war document, which outlines what warfare will be like in the year 2025, actually exists.

FALSE: We may have reached peak conspiracy stupidity with this one

Have you had your fill of crazy today? If not, then we humbly suggest you watch this 30-minute video on the mother of all conspiracy theories.

As with all conspiracy theories, "THE TRUTH BEHIND IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLE IT'LL MELT YOUR BRAIN." What's less clear is what that truth actually is. Here's what we've managed to parse. There's this document, supposedly from NASA that was allegedly on NASA's website at one point, about what warfare will be like in the year 2025. Now, I know what you're asking yourself, “Since when did NASA, an agency devoted to space exploration, have anything to do with war?” And why would they share this with the public?

If you do a search for “NASA war document” you'll find a lot of apocalyptic headlines from sites with less than stellar reputations for credible news gathering. The sites all suggests that the PDF document actually exists, but that document is no where to be found. And if you watch that video, you'll only need to go about two minutes in before you hear the first reference to the illuminati, that shadowy cabal of the world's richest, most powerful men, who secretly make all of the world's big decisions, control the weather, and make sure the Tuesday morning Frontier flight from Denver to Columbus lands on time, every time.

Another reminder that if anyone ever answers a question with the words “Because the illuminati...,” you are legally entitled to roll your eyes and walk away.



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