Rumor: Mel Gibson is the father of Jodie Foster’s sons

Foster has vowed to keep the father a mystery, but speculation has boomed since her Golden Globes speech


UNCONFIRMED: That Mel Gibson is the biological father of Jodie Foster’s two sons

Could Mel Gibson be the mystery sperm donor who fathered actress Jodie Foster’s two sons, Charles and Kit? As the New York Post reports, Foster’s reference to Gibson during her rambling, heartfelt acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards and what at least one observer has noted to be a strong resemblance between Gibson and the 12-and-14-year-old boys has tongues wagging.

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‘You know, you save me, too’

In accepting the Golden Globes’ Lifetime Achievement Award, Foster delivered a long, candid, emotionally charged speech in which she thanked numerous people. Among her thank-yous, Foster named Gibson, who was sitting at the same table as her children, by saying “you know, you save me too.” Foster has also shown stalwart support for Gibson over their long friendship, including in the last few years when he’s been shunned by many in Hollywood over his anti-semitic remarks and verbal abuse of former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

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A resemblance?

The Post quotes an “amateiur geneologist” who noted “the kids look like (Gibson), but blonder.” Whether the unnamed and unaccredited source is onto something remains to be seen. But with Foster pledging not to reveal the identity of the father to her children until they turn 21, Hollywood may have to settle for blatant speculation until then.



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