Rumor: Mark Wahlberg to play wrestler 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper in biopic

Piper says Wahlberg is being courted to portray him in an upcoming film

UNCONFIRMED: Actor Mark Wahlberg is in talks to portray wrestler Roddy Piper in a film

Known for his plaid kilt, bagpipe intro-song and bone-crushing power slams, Roderick “Roddy” George Toombs, better known as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, was a staple in the world of professional wrestling for more than 30 years. In an interview with WrestleNewz, Piper says that a major film chronicling his colorful life is in the works with actor Mark Walhberg being eyed to play the lead.

Wahlberg has ‘already been approached’

WrestleNewz’s Colin Hunter says he asked Piper about his preference of actor to play him in a hypothetical movie, and the wrestler surprised him by saying that a film was already in the works. “Mark Wahlberg is the man they were talking about for that,” Piper says in the interview. “And I think that he’d be a good pick.” Piper also says that two scripts are being worked on -- one by Jimmy Kimmel cousin and “Man Show” writer Sal Iacono and another by an unnamed screenwriter.

A made-for-film-life

With a wrestling career that began in the mid ‘70s and continued until the mid 2000s, Piper was privy to professional wrestling’s many ebbs and flows in popularity. He talked with an Irish accent despite being Canadian and he played both the hero and the villain -- but mostly the villain -- in the stage dramas that surround professional wrestling matches. Despite a rough early patch that began with another wrestler stuffing his signature bagpipes full of toilet paper so they wouldn’t play, Piper went on to win 35 various championships and, in 2005, was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame. Piper has also appeared in numerous films and TV episodes. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and, after an emergency surgery, credited his fans with voting him into a match that led to doctors finding a tumor in time to save his life.

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