Rumor: Library offers free pole dancing lessons

A Scottish library is hoping people will come for the pole dancing and stay for the books

CONFIRMED: The Mayfield Library of Dalkeith, Modlothian offers free pole dancing classes

Looking to get more patrons in the doors and checking out the services, the Mayfield Library of Dalkeith, Modlothian in Scotland has been offering free lessons in the art of pole dancing.

'This is about health and fitness'

As reported by STV Edinburgh and CBS Cleveland, the pole dancing instruction comes as part of the town’s "Love Your Library Day" promotion efforts, aimed at showcasing the library to more locals. Besides twirling around a pole, the events include other activities like "bookie table tennis" and traditional Scottish dancing. An organizer of the event says she hopes to change perceptions of the dance: "people have this image of a pole dancer that’s provocative, but I wanted to bring it out and show that this is about health and fitness," she tells an STV camera crew.

Needless to say, the pole dancing classes have been a hit. Video footage from the library shows a bustling library and even a local police officer getting in on the pole-spinning action. Library administrators hope activities like this will continue to drive people in the doors and that, ultimately, they’ll check out books and enjoy more of the library's traditional offerings as well.

Video: Learn to pole dance



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