Rumor: Lawsuit against Judge Judy may be bogus

Ex-wife of show’s producer claims conspiracy, sues over fine china that’s allegedly worth over $500,000.

UNCONFIRMED: Woman who filed suit against Judge Judy may already be getting what's owed, but lawsuit remains unsettled.

The "alleged" conspiracy 

Judy Sheindlin may be in the clear one day after being slapped with a lawsuit over expensive china by the ex-wife of her producer.


Judge Judy sued over fine china

Judge Judy sued over fine china
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While going through a divorce "Judge Judy" producer Randy Douthit allegedly sold Sheindlin a set of Christofle china and flatware without the consent of his estranged wife Patrice Jones, according to TMZ.

Jones claims Sheindin conspired with Douhit to snag a good deal and keep her from getting her share of their community property. She also claims the china was sold to Sheindin for $50,000 when it's real value is $514,421.

The ruling

However, according to TMZ, court documents state that the china was purchased in 2003 for approximately $100,000.  The divorce judge valued the items in 2012 at $125,000 and plans to order Douhit to pay Jones half. That means Jones would get $62,500 and would have no claim for the property.  

The judge slammed Jones, saying at times during the case she "lacked integrity" and was "untruthful."  Jones' lawyer told TMZ the divorce judge's ruling was tentative, and they will appeal if the decision becomes final.

Judge Judy responds

Sheindin isn't budging either. She told TMZ, "I don't owe this lady a cent.  And if this 50-year-old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off."





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