Rumor: Katie Couric's daytime show to be canceled?

Couric is reportedly working in a 'very stressful' situation with 'staffing weirdness' after the departure of the show's executive producer Jeff Zucker.

UNCONFIRMED: Unidentified sources report that Couric may be headed to CNN while other sources disagree

Katie Couric's talk show "Katie" may soon be canceled before entering its third season due to some behind-the-scenes drama, according to reports by the New York Post, the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post.

"Katie" was the highest rated program of the talk shows that premiered in September 2012 and was renewed this year. Despite the show's early success, Couric hit a wall after the unexpected departure of executive producer Jeff Zucker. Zucker, who worked with Couric on the "Today" show, is now CNN's worldwide president.

After Zucker left there has been a high turnover in his former position and Michael Bass, another of the show's top producers, has joined him at CNN.

Sources told the Post that the changes have created a “very stressful” situation with “staffing weirdness” and “no one making decisions.”

"Jeff's departure left a void," one source told the New York Post. "Then they had four co-executive producers and the staffing decisions being made were poor. Katie was left vulnerable."

Couric to CNN?

Now, Couric may join Zucker at CNN after her ABC show wraps up, according to the Huffington Post

"The show was oversold at syndication and hasn't lived up to expectations," one source said. "Everyone at ABC is gossiping that Katie will end up at CNN with Jeff [Zucker]." 

However, sources told the Daily Mail that Couric will not make the move because she has a deal with ABC and she's not the 'distraction' Zucker is looking for.

'Jeff and Katie are not attached at the hip, they each have their focus on their jobs at hand,' the source said.



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