Rumor: Jon Gruden going to the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have hired several former Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant coaches recently, sparking speculation about the retired head coach.

UNCONFIRMED: One Cowboys source called the rumor "ridiculous."

Jon Gruden, who was fired by the Buccaneers after their 2008 season, has been working behind the camera rather than on the gridiron since then. But rumors have swirled that the former head coach might want to return to football.

On Jan. 7, said Gruden is interested in coaching again but has been unable to find a team that’s a good fit.


A few weeks later, on Jan. 27, reported that the Cowboys seem to be building toward a Buccaneers coaching staff reunion.

According to, the Cowboys have added defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and special teams coach Rich Bisaccia to its staff. The Cowboys even picked up offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, who worked with Gruden when he coached the Oakland Raiders.

However, reported these links do not mean Gruden is going to the Cowboys or any other NFL team.

ESPN's Ron Jaworski talked with Gruden Jan. 7 on WPEN-FM. Jaworski told after the radio interview that Gruden has had "numerous meetings that he's told teams he's not interested in certain jobs." Jaworski continued, "There are jobs he's interested in, but no one at those teams has reached out to him, or they may even have a coach in place."

Those teams may include the Philadelphia Eagles.



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