Rumor: 'Jaws' movie remake coming to theaters soon

Is the Steven Spielberg-directed 1975 summer blockbuster "Jaws" finally getting an update?

Is the Steven Spielberg-directed, original summer blockbuster "Jaws" really finally getting its long-awaited update?

UNCONFIRMED: It's all based on one, possibly fake job listing

"Jaws" was the original big summer blockbuster. Released in 1975, directed by a then still relatively unproven Steven Spielberg, and featuring an unforgettable animatronic shark, it made a ton of money and established to movie studios that a big tent-pole picture released during the hottest days of the year could make them a lot of money. And according to a new job listing, history may repeat itself soon.

That listing can be found on, which is apparently where film guys and girls go to find film jobs. "We are seeking all crew positions for the upcoming Jaws reboot," it reads. Under "Duration" it lists "5 months, starts Jan. 2015."

So totally cut and dry, right? Well, not so much. As The Inquisitr points out, the listing could always be a fake. (You'd think there'd be some secrecy around a reboot of one of the most famous movies of all-time, right?) And it's not as if the "Jaws" franchise ended after the first movie. There were sequels, though the less they're spoken of the better.

The only people who could end the mystery probably aren't going to say anything, too. MSN News has e-mailed Universal Studios for comment, but so far hasn't heard back.



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