Rumor: Investigation into secret CIA prisons being thwarted?

Lawsuit by two men alleges that the US and Poland skirted international laws by using so-called “black sites” in Poland

UNCONFIRMED: That an investigation into secret CIA prisons in Poland is being hamstrung for political reasons

A lawsuit filed by two men who claim they were illegally held by the CIA in a secret prison in Poland could set new precedent in exposing so-called “black sites,” but, as Global Research and Reuters reports, the men’s lawyers say an investigation into the case is being deliberately drawn out to avoid embarrassing Polish and US officials.

Black Sites

In 2006, then-President George W. Bush admitted that the CIA operated detention facilities outside U.S., using the “extraordinary rendition” justification of arresting and detaining suspected terrorists. Since then, however, the federal government has not identified where those sites are and what laws were followed in detaining and interrogating suspected terrorists there.

Though not officially confirmed, the reason for establishing the so-called “black sites” has long been rumored to be an attempt to free the CIA from US law when arresting, transporting and questioning terror suspects. Saudi nationals Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah have claimed they were held and interrogated on Polish soil, and that their questioning violated international law.

Video: Watch a clip from a “60 Minutes” interview on CIA “black sites”

Five-year investigation

Polish investigators have been probing allegations of a secret CIA prison for more than five years. A report on the investigation is due in February, but the investigators are likely to ask for more time, and this pending request is prompting accusations that the probe is being intentionally drawn out. While little official information about the supposed sites has been released, Marek Dukaczewski, who was head of military intelligence when the alleged jail was being operated, told a journalist in 2010 that Poland cooperated with the US in the “War on Terror” but that the site in question was used as a vacation and training destination for military officers.

‘A complete lack of action’

A lawyer for al-Nashiri has said the Polish investigation into the site has been typified by “a complete lack of action.” The attorney for Zubaydah, Bartlomiej Jankowski, meanwhile, says he’s been kept in the dark by officials, “I am not receiving any information (from prosecutors) about new documents, nor am I informed about any new hearings. This is something that worries me.”

The response from Polish and American officials on the case has been mainly silence, though Polish officials have said that the investigation is proceeding smoothly and that no outside influence is affecting what it calls an “independent” probe.



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