Rumor: Horse meat in European supermarkets may actually be donkey

Horse might not be the only animal being passed off as "beef" in British and French supermarkets

UNCONFIRMED: Donkey meat, as well as horse meat, has been found in some European 'beef' products

As producers, importers and sellers fight over who's to blame for horse meat being found in certain processed "beef" products found in British and French supermarkets, new worries, as reported by the Independent, over whether some of the horse meat might actually be donkey meat have emerged.

Are Romanian horses and donkeys to blame?

After towing carriages and people around the country's roads for centuries, Romania recently began enforcing a ban on horses from the nation's roadways, prompting fears that the now-unneeded animals were being sent to slaughter and then being passed off as beef. Also banned from the roads were donkeys, making those same fears about excess horses' grisly demise extend to their smaller brethren as well. As the BBC reports, investigation of the tainted meat has "switched to Romania" as much of the tainted meat is said to have come from the country.

Pointing fingers

Romania is denying being the source of the tainted meat, even as France and Britain call for the "criminals" who passed off the meat as beef to be tracked down and prosecuted. The two processed-meal makers at the center of the scandal — Findus and Comigel — have seen their food items removed from stores, even while they say they've been duped by suppliers who defrauded them with bad meat. Meanwhile, French consumer minister Benoît Hamon placed blame on the British government for cutting the budget for EU food-safety checks in Brussels, then complaining when tainted food finds its way into stores.

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