Rumor: Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York City

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is planning to run for mayor of New York City.

UNCONFIRMED: Clinton’s bid for mayor

Incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg encouraged Clinton to be his successor, sources told the New York Daily News, but Clinton hasn’t stated any desire to enter the 2013 election. Clinton is leaving her post as President Obama’s secretary of state (who is in line to replace her?) next month and has stated publicly that she is eager to be a private citizen.

If she did choose to run, Clinton would have to clear the hurdle of becoming a resident of New York City. (Click here to find out what the Clintons did before her 2000 New York Senate run.)

            A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University showed voters aren’t keen on the idea of Clinton entering the mayoral race. (See the poll results here.)

            Clinton’s decision, of course, would hinge on whether she will pursue the presidency in 2016 for the second time (see what Newt Gingrich says about the prospect). As speculation continues to gather steam, Clinton contends that she has no plans to run. (Go here for excerpts from her interview with Barbara Walters.)

Middle East trip canceled

            Clinton was forced to cancel her trip to Morocco this week because of a stomach virus. (See the full story here.) She was due to meet with foreign ministers from allied nations to discuss the future of Syria’s opposition.

            Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns is traveling in Clinton’s place.


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