Rumor: Greta Van Susteren leaving FOX News for CNN

Is Greta Van Susteren leaving FOX News to head to CNN?

Is Greta Van Susteren, the FOX News anchor, leaving for the network where she got her first big break?

UNCONFIRMED: There's fire, but so far no smoke

The Los Angeles Times and others are reporting that FOX News host Greta Van Susteren may soon walk away from the network and rejoin CNN, where she got her start as a legal analyst. Why leave FOX News, which regularly whoops CNN in ratings?

The Times says it may be because Van Susteren is about to lose her coveted prime-time slot. This week it was announced that Megyn Kelly would also be receiving a prime-time slot when she returns from maternity leave later this year. Sean Hannity is at 8 p.m., Bill O'Reilly at 9, and Van Susteren is currently at 10. That means someone has to get bumped if Kelly is to make it into prime-time, and Van Susteren is the only one whose ratings are down.

Van Susteren took to her own blog recently to squash the rumors surrounding a move. Yet as the Times points out, despite the fact that she has a new "long term contract," she and FOX could get out of that if they wanted to. Anonymous sources told Mediate that Van Susteren had met with new CNN President Jeff Zucker. She denied that report; a CNN executive confirmed it to The New York Times.

MSN News has reached out to FOX to see if it will confirm its plans to bump Van Susteren out of prime-time. So far, no one has responded.



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