Rumor: Family receives discount at restaurant for well-behaved kids

Photo of receipt posted on Reddit stirs up heated debate

CONFIRMED: Washington state family gets $4 taken off their bill at Italian restaurant

Laura King and her family dined at Sogno di Vino, a small Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Wash., on Feb. 1 when they received the pleasant surprise of a $4 discount on their tab, Today, Yahoo! Shine, Daily Mail and other news outlets reported. King rehashed the random act of kindness on her "beer after tea" blog and posted an image of the receipt with a comment on Reddit.

Sogno di Vino owner Robb Scott said he often will offer free desserts to families with well-behaved children, but this is the first time a monetary benefit was included.

(Click here for one restaurant's very direct warning.)

King's posts on her blog and Reddit triggered lively – and profanity-laced – debates, to be sure. So far, the simple Reddit post has brought in nearly 1,600 comments – many negative – and her blog has drawn more than 40 generally positive. Rewarding good behavior with money sets a bad precedent, says more than one commenter. Others wonder if an extra $4 charge should be handed out for poorly behaved children. On the flip side, the Kings were applauded for their positive "hands-off" parenting methods.

In her defense, King said she and her husband often practice good restaurant etiquette with their three children, ages 2, 3 and 8.

"We take our kids out to dinner at least weekly, varying the restaurants, types of cuisine and ambiance," King told Yahoo! Shine. "We don't expect rewards for behavior. Our discipline starts at home, and what follows is well-behaved kids in public."

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