Rumor: Facebook to start selling event tickets

A ‘Buy Tickets’ option was spotted on Israeli Facebook accounts

UNCONFIRMED: Facebook will allow users to buy tickets to events from their website

Events by the thousands are announced, promoted and discussed on Facebook every day. So it’s feasible that the social network might look to start selling tickets to events as well. A rumor, reported by WebProNews and ComplexTech, says Facebook may soon be doing exactly that.

‘Buy Tickets’ button

The Israeli public relations firm Blink first spotted a “Buy Tickets” button appearing with certain event listings. The button reportedly takes users to a third-party website to do the actual booking, so a self-contained operation for booking tickets appears to not be on the table. Still, Facebook has a payment-accepting structure already built with its newly launched “Gifts” feature, so taking payments is well within the site’s capabilities.

Facebook downplays button

In an update to the WebProNews story, Facebook talked down the “Buy Tickets” button as much ado about nothing, saying it’s “not hugely different from what was there before,” which was a shortened link. The button, as did the link before it, still takes users to another website, but with Facebook under enormous pressure from investors to make money from its vast audience and drive up its lagging stock price, selling event tickets might be one of the more harmless methods of monetizing.

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