Rumor: Facebook may owe you $10

You may have received an email with the subject line ‘Legal Notice of Settlement of Class Action.’ Don’t worry, it’s not a scam.

CONFIRMED: A legal settlement is forcing Facebook to pay some users $10

Some people who received an email informing them of a payout from Facebook and asking them to submit information including their bank account number may have deleted the message as just another Internet scam. But it turns out that Facebook may indeed owe you money -- $10 to be exact -- after a class-action lawsuit related to photos used in ads was settled for $20 million.

‘Unlawful’ use of photos

The payout stems from a lawsuit filed by several Facebook users who claimed that their photos were unlawfully used in the website's “Sponsored Stories” ads. Rather than fight the lawsuit in court, Facebook agreed to the $20-million settlement, which will be given in $10 increments to those affected, and any remaining money donated to charity. People who received the email notice of the settlement were told that “You are receiving this email because you may have been featured in a Sponsored Story on Facebook prior to December 3, 2012.”

Full information on the settlement

Deadline is May 2

Several options exist for those who want to get their ten bucks, including submitting a claim here and excluding yourself here -- both of which need to be done by May 2, 2013. Additionally, there will be a “Fairness Hearing” on June 28 where those who want to speak out in person on the case can do so. Also, people who are hesitant to send their bank-account info over the Internet can elect to have a check sent to their home.

Full coverage on the Facebook settlement



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