Rumor: Eminem nearly stabbed to death in New York City

Reports surfaced that the rapper was nearly stabbed to death in New York.


Eminem is latest victim to Internet celebrity death hoax

Most hoaxes about a celebrity dying involve freak accidents. Witness Tom Cruise “dying” in a fiery car crash in Australia. This one was different.

This one was a Facebook post with a gruesome photo of a man's back bleeding from multiple stab wounds. “Rapper Eminem Left Nearly DEAD After Being Stabbed 4 Times In NYC!!," said the headline. Below the headline, the Facebook post even promised surveillance video of the entire incident.

What was on the other end of that link? Spam, of course. As E! Online reports, Eminem's publicist responded to the rumor in the funniest way possible, saying it was “not true. He remains unstabbed.”

Next album in works

What is true, is that the rapper is readying the release of his latest album. One that may or may not feature a cameo by Chris Rock.



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