Rumor: Duchess Kate and Prince William baby name revealed?

Have Prince William and Duchess Kate revealed the name of their royal baby? Bookies laid odds that the infant will be named George.

CONFIRMED: Duchess Kate and Prince William have chosen the name of their baby boy

UPDATE:  The royal baby has been named George Alexander Louis, MSN News reports. Bettors banked on the name George for the Prince of Cambridge, born to Prince William and Duchess Kate.

It took only one day for Duchess Kate and Prince William to revel the name of their newborn to the public, which is a welcome change compared to past royal births. Queen Elizabeth reportedly waited a month to reveal to the world the name of Prince Charles.

Bookies were right. They laid odds that the infant who one day is expected to reign over all of Britain and 15 other countries will be named… George. The name George carried a 7/4 odds at, followed by James (4/1), Alexander (9/1), Louis (10/1), Arthur (12/1) and Henry (14/1).

The odds the baby would be named after the president of the United States, "Barack" (250/1), seem infinitesimal, but, hey, the president can take comfort in the fact that showing is twice as good as Rumpelstiltskin or the name of those other kings, Kong and Elvis.

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Pregnant Duchess Kate graces the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly, which promises to reveal "Secrets of the Royal Baby!" including "the girl's name they've already chosen." That has set off a flurry of gossip and news reports by such sites as Maclean's, and Contra Costa Times, the latter joking that "they will name their baby … Ted."

Actually, the name that supposedly has been selected if the baby indeed is a girl, as rumored, apparently came from looking around the family tree and grabbing a name from here and there Elizabeth for great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth; Diana for Lady Diana, William's mother; and Carole for the royal child-to-be's other grandmother.

"US reports that the name they're considering is … Elizabeth Diana Carole," states, which seems to be the website that set off the flurry of gossip. However, LaineyGossip states: "US sources say William and Catherine have only told Prince Charles and her parents, not even Pippa."

The royal couple has also settled on a new nickname for their baby: 'our little grape,' a Daily Mail report says, citing Us Weekly. The couple allegedly chose the name due to the baby's size at nine weeks.

Now you may return to solving world peace.

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