Rumor: Donald Trump mulls 2016 presidential run

Is billionaire tycoon and business mogul Donald Trump once again considering a run for president? He's examining his "standing in each state."


UNCONFIRMED: There's only one source

In a recent interview, Donald Trump revealed to National Review that he is again considering running for president when President Barack Obama's term ends in 2016. But we've heard this a few times before.

"I’m looking," Trump told the Review. "I have a large following of people who are tired of seeing this country ripped off, and taken advantage of [by] everyone who does business with us. We used to be the smart one of the block, and now we’re the dummies on the block. They want to see me, and I want to see them."

However, Trump says it's still early and he would have to put his business on hold and consider how his family would manage in the interim. Apparently this time Trump is more seriously weighing a bid.


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Here we go again. Raise your hand if you've heard this one before: Billionaire Donald Trump wants to be president of the United States. Well, Trump's executive vice president and special counsel Michael Cohen told the New York Post and then confirmed to CBS News in May that his boss put up $1 million for researching a 2016 run.

Trump hasn't made any firm decision whether he will run, but Cohen said, "He is exactly what this country needs."

Fourth time a charm?

If the "Celebrity Apprentice" host is truly serious about jumping in feet first, it would mark the fourth time he has at least entertained the thought. He first pondered a run for president in 1988, although it wasn't a serious bid. In 1999, Trump got more organized and started a public play for a possible candidacy on the Reform Party ticket, made popular by Ross Perot's fairly successful run in 1996. But Trump decided not to run, blaming infighting within the party.

And in 2012, he considered running after telling CBS News' Bob Schieffer that the GOP was getting nowhere fast with all of the candidates' mud-slinging.  

Even if he chooses not to run three years from now, Trump said the GOP will need a very strong candidate to go up against Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom he predicts will be the Democratic candidate.

"If (Republicans) don't pick the right person, it will be a landslide," Trump said at a fundraising dinner for the Oakland County (Mich.) Republican Party last week.



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