Rumor: Did CBS use fake cheers when no one applauded Chris Brown at Grammys?

Did CBS use canned claps to cover the Grammy crowd's silence after Brown's nomination was announced?

UNCONFIRMED: CBS used fake applause at the Grammy's after Chris Brown's album was announced

With a history of domestic violence, temper tantrums and a recent fight with fellow singer Frank Ocean, R&B star Chris Brown has become persona non grata among some of his peers. His unpopularity was perhaps no more evident than during Sunday's Grammy Awards when, The Hollywood Reporter reports, CBS was rumored to have used fake applause to cover the awkward silence that followed the announcement of his Grammy-nominated album "Fortune."

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Fake cheers?

CBS has neither confirmed nor denied it used fake applause during the Grammys. That hasn't stopped thousands of Twitter users from expressing their skepticism online and quoting supposed attendees who claim that silence pervaded the audience when Brown's album was announced and that any applause heard must have been recorded.

Brown refused to stand

Brown and Ocean were both nominated for Grammys in the category of best urban contemporary album, but when Ocean won for his record "channel ORANGE" and the crowd rose in standing ovation, Brown could be seen still seated. Meanwhile, Brown was snuggled up next to Rihanna during the event, and, thanks to a diamond ring on her hand, made new rumors that the two are now engaged.

Brown and Ocean's beef goes back to an incident at a recording studio in which Brown and his entourage allegedly assaulted Ocean and his. After the altercation, Ocean expressed that he didn't want Brown charged criminally, but the hard feelings appear to have receded none.

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