Rumor: Craigslist now accepting applications for the next pope

Posting on Rome site jokingly seeks "leader of international religion"

CONFIRMED: Although a prank, comprehensive listing is under site's 'sales jobs' category

Need a new job? Willing to relocate to Vatican City? Well, as conversations abound over who would be most suitable to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, Daily Dot came across this Craigslist posting Monday morning.

The posting, under the job title, "Bishop of Rome / Successor of Saint Peter / Holy See / Pontifex / 'The Pope,'" lists several duties, including "waving hands to large crowds of people" and "sitting in (comfortable) chairs for long periods of time."

The position is highly competitive, the ad notes, with "applications expected from superstars including Beyoncé."

Let the jokes, and rants, begin

Predictably, the pope's surprising retirement also brought the Twitterverse to life. Daily Dot published a sampling of the jokes that were bandied about shortly after the announcement. Other reactions to his news weren't as light-hearted, as some Twitter rants included hate and death wishes.

According to ABC News, the Los Angeles Times and other news outlets, the Pope didn't use his new Twitter account, @Pontifex, as a vehicle to deliver news of his resignation, prompting former New York Times editor Jim Roberts to tweet: "What's a Twitter account for if you can't drop bombshell news on it?"

My money's on …

Bookmakers from around the world have been quick to offer odds on candidates to replace Pope Benedict XVI. Most oddsmakers have Ghana's Cardinal Peter Turkson  who would be the first black pope  as the early frontrunner.


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