Rumor: Chumlee from 'Pawn Stars' TV show is dead

Did Chumlee, a star in History Channel’s TV series 'Pawn Stars' die from a marijuana overdose?

FALSE: Chumlee latest victim of celebrity death hoax

According to simplistically-titled site Internet Chronicle, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, the comic relief for History Channel's hit show “Pawn Stars,” died in May from a marijuana overdose. The story has resurfaced, prompting a report from Snopes. Here's the problem: the Chronicle often makes up stories, and no one overdoses on marijuana.

As Snopes reports, Chumlee was alive and well enough to participate in a promotional event at the Golden Nugget casino two weeks after “dying.” And if you take a quick scroll through the Chronicle, you'll realize this sort of hoax is its bread and butter: three of its most popular posts are fake death announcements for Akon, Lil Wayne, and Selena Gomez.

The problem is that, unlike other fake sites, the Chronicle mixes in some real news with the fake. Like this serious post on CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou. Also, unlike other fake news sites like The Onion, the Chronicle just isn't funny. Step up your game, hoaxers.

More celebrity death hoaxes

Actor Tom Cruise was falsely reported "dead" in April by an Australian TV station. And a confusing Twitter hashtag announcing the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher #nowthatcherisdead misled fans of singer Cher into thinking the 66-year-old singer had died. In January, news spread that reggae singer Shaggy had been stabbed to death during a nightclub brawl in Los Angeles.



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