Rumor: Chobani yogurt can cause a positive drug test

Chobani's Blueberry Power Flip yogurt has been banned by the Air Force because it contains hemp seeds.

Chobani's "Blueberry Power Flip" has been banned by the Air Force because it contains hemp seeds. But how much of the stuff would trigger a positive test?

TRUE:  Hemp seeds contain trace amounts of THC, but an expert says it would take at least 10 servings of the Chobani yogurt in question to fail a drug test.

Chobani is removing hemp seeds from its "Blueberry Power Flip" flavor yogurt after the U.S. Air Force banned airmen from eating it over concerns that the hemp seeds could cause them to test positive for THC, the active drug in marijuana. According to an expert who spoke with MSN News, however, it would take at least 10 servings of the yogurt for an average person to fail even the strictest of urine tests.

At the request of MSN News, Evelyn Hermes-DeSantis, clinical professor at Rutgers University, along with students and staff members, looked into how much Chobani "Blueberry Power Flip" it would take to get a THC-positive urine test.

The answer, they found, is "not black and white," but it's clear that it would take quite a large amount of hemp-seed yogurt for anyone to lose their job over it.

Hermes-DeSantis said that the typical level of THC found in hemp seeds is between 2 and 5 micrograms per gram of hemp seeds. According to a Chobani spokesperson who emailed MSN News, there are 10 grams of hemp seeds in every serving of its "Blueberry Power Flip" yogurt.

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Typical urine tests for THC, Hermes-DeSantis said, usually show a positive result for THC at around 50 nanograms of THC per milliliter of urine, though testing by law-enforcement agencies and follow-up tests can go as low as 10 to 15 nanograms of THC per milliliter of urine.

Still, even under the strictest test, she said a positive result based solely on hemp seeds would be very hard to achieve.

"It would take eating about 10 servings of the yogurt to get anywhere possibly close to being positive," she said. "When eaten in moderation, the chances of failing a drug test due to this yogurt are very low."

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