Rumor: Britney Spears is online dating

The newly-single pop star is said to be scouring dating websites in search of a new man

UNCONFIRMED: Britney Spears is using online dating services

Are you a single, fabulously wealthy man with a thing for single, fabulously wealthy pop stars? If so, then Britney Spears might be into you, according to a rumor published by the National Enquirer and reported by Opposing Views.

No dates, just flirts

According to a "friend" of Spears quoted by the tabloid, the singer and former "X-Factor" judge  "doesn’t have the courage to go on any dates yet, but she’s doing a lot of anonymous flirting." The source says Spears uses the sites and in her quest for love, but while she’s found a few guys she "thinks are hot" she hasn’t gone out any any actual dates yet.

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On the rebound

Spears' supposed manhunt comes weeks after her sudden breakup with fiance Jason Trawick. Little official information has been revealed about the breakup aside from a statement from Spears' spokesperson at the time saying "As two mature adults, they came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways while continuing to remain friends." Meanwhile, Spears is said to close to inking a deal for a Las Vegas performance residency and driving around in a little, tiny car.

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