Rumor: Ben Affleck accused of being a spy

Iranian media publishes conspiracy theory claiming Ben Affleck is a covert agent.

UNCONFIRMED: Iran's Press TV publishes a conspiracy theory claiming that "Argo" producer/director/actor Ben Affleck is a covert agent, but don't expect confirmation any time soon.

Former University of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett used to teach students that 9/11 was an inside job. Now he's making news with another claim published in Iranian media and highlighted at Buzzfeed and Ben Affleck is a covert government agent and he could be hanged for war crimes for his Academy-award-winning movie "Argo."

"It's the latest in a mounting, if not very threatening, campaign against the filmmakers of "Argo" for producing a movie that the Iranian government sees as a biased, stereotypical portrayal of Iranians," as Buzzfeed put it.

The claims

"If the makers of "Argo" are deposed under oath, they may be forced to reveal that their film — like the fictitious film-within-the-film — is a covert operation disguised as a movie," Barrett contends in his lengthy article published by Iran's Press TV. As put it, Barrett quotes 'intelligence expert' Barbara Honegger, another 9/11 truther, as saying that Affleck's 2001 film "Pearl Harbor" was also government propaganda "designed to pave the road to 9/11." Honegger said that the actor could be hanged for treason and war crimes for his part in those films.

Iran may sue

Already, Iranian government officials are looking into possibly suing the producers of "Argo" for an "unrealistic portrayal" of Iran and they're thinking of producing their own cinematic response to the movie. Affleck called Iran's planned cinematic response "a badge of honor."   

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