Rumor: Belgium to issue chocolate-flavored stamps

The Belgian post office is hoping to give customers a new taste for mail.

CONFIRMED: Belgium's Bpost is issuing chocolate-flavored and -scented stamps

In a move meant to both celebrate the region's famous chocolatiers and promote the national post office, Belgium is issuing a new line of specialty postage stamps that, as the BBC reports, are made to smell and taste like chocolate.

500,000 available

According to the Belgian post office, or Bpost, the stamps were created with the help of Belgian, German, Dutch and Swiss "fragrance and taste experts" who settled on what appear to be five different flavors: chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chunks, Nutella, truffles and chocolate bars. Bpost CEO Johnny Thijs says the stamps will help the country "prove our sense of modernity and innovation." The stamps aren't unlimited, however, and only the first half-million lucky letters will reach their destination reeking of cocoa.

Not the first

The Belgians aren't the first ones to experiment with flavored stamps. Austria and Häagen-Dazs partnered in 2006 to release ice cream-flavored stamps. And in 2007, China released sweet-and-sour-pork-flavored stamps to celebrate the Year of the Pig. Elsewhere, Zazzle has blue poppy, fruit-flavored oat and something called "octopie strawberry kiwi flavored stamps."

More stamps on the way

If you miss out on Belgium's choco-stamps, don't worry, the county's Royal Meteorological Institute will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary with stamps printed with heat-sensitive ink. According to the Telegraph, the ink is activated by the warmth of human fingers and, once heated, reveals a hidden picture or pattern in the background. If that weren't enough, Belgium is said to be working on glow-in-the-dark stamps that promote road safety as well. Sadly, no stamps celebrating the country's famous beer are being planned yet.



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