Rumor: Anthony Weiner mulling political comeback

An automated telephone poll has been gauging support for the disgraced former congressman

UNCONFIRMED: That ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is looking to return to politics

Nearly two years after former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner sent a lewd tweet to a woman who wasn’t his wife, lied about it afterward, and thus set in motion his eventual resignation from congress in disgrace, the fiery liberal pol may be looking to make another run for elected office. As the Daily News reports, a polling firm is calling New York City voters and seeking information about their support for a hypothetical Weiner mayoral or city comptroller run.

Video: Rep. Weiner announces his resignation from congress

Poll mentions five candidates

The anonymous polling firm performing the calls reportedly mentions four other Democrats as mayoral candidates. The recording reminds listeners that Weiner was “forced to leave Congress for sending lewd pictures and lying about it,” but that he’s known as a “fighter” and is married to a Huma Abedin, longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

City comptroller?

The New York Post also reports on another polling call that asks about a potential Weiner run for city comptroller, a job that would put him at the helm of the city’s financial accounting. Specifically examining a matchup between Weiner and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, the call is said to be “strictly about Scott and Weiner,” by one resident who received it.

War chest remains

Weiner reportedly has $3.9 million left over in his campaign war chest and would have a financial advantage of more than $1 million over Stringer in a comptroller run. So should he run? The Village Voice lists several pros (his marriage to Abedin, friendship with John Stewart and “impressive jawline”) and cons (his lewd tweet, his failed mayoral run in 2005, and his reputation as a “nasty boss” who yells and kicks things).

Video: ‘The best of Anthony Weiner’



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