Rumor: A British teen found a fried brain in his KFC meal

19-year-old found a fried brain in his KFC meal


According to The Sun — which originally ran this item — a spokesperson for KFC explained that 19-year-old Ibrahim Langoo actually found a kidney in his fried chicken meal, not a brain.

MSN, Gawker and UPI all reported that Langoo stumbled across the unsightly addition to his order and then posted images of it on his Facebook page, at which point it was shared hundreds of times. (See it here.) The teen reportedly received free vouchers for more KFC food.


More dine-out disasters from the past

CNN reported in 2004 about a lawsuit over a condom allegedly  found in a bowl of McCormick & Schmick’s clam chowder. In October 2011, Bloomberg posted a piece about a syringe found inside a burger at a Hawaiian Burger King. And in 2005, Fox News ran claims about a piece of human skin found in an Arby’s sandwich.



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