Rumor: 50,000 Russian soldiers now on American soil

Were 50,000 Russian soldiers sent over to train on American soil?

A report claims an unnamed source allegedly from the Department of Defense said 50,000 Russian troops were sent over to train on American soil.

FALSE: There are not 50,000 Russian soldiers in the U.S.

According to Inquisitr, there are now, right at this moment, 50,000 Russian troops training on American soil. Inquisitr claims that a "unnamed source allegedly from the Department of Defense" told it that there were 50,000 soldiers.

This is, in a word, crazy. You don't miss 50,000 people. That's the size of a small city, and if 50,000 Russian troops just showed up one day you'd better believe we'd know about it. Also, if you're going to quote an unnamed source you better be sure they actually work somewhere important.

And according to Before It's News, that unnamed source "maintains that there are currently 100,000 foreign troops in the United States."

TRUE: But there are only 20 Russian soldiers

This is true. It's just not true in the way that conspiracy-minded people like this lady at the Enquirer want to believe it's true. "One thing we know for certain is that we're living in the end times?," the Enquirer states. Hardly.

According to the Department of Defense, the "50,000 Russians" are actually 20 men in Fort Carson, Colo., doing some anti-terrorism training. Russia Today says that this is part of a formal, bi-lateral exchange program. In other words, we asked for this, and we obviously get something out of the relationship.

So no, Russia isn't preparing to invade. And no, Russia and the U.S. military aren't preparing together to rule under the black flag of a new One World government. And yes, MSN News called the Department of Defense to confirm or deny the 50,000 number, but don't be surprised if the only response is laughter.



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