Rumor: 3 teens from same high school get perfect SAT scores

Most schools don’t have any perfect scorers, Upper Dublin High School just got three

CONFIRMED: Three students from suburban Philadelphia’s Upper Dublin High School achieved perfect scores on the SAT test

Philadelphia-area High school junior Benjamin She, 16, tells local Philadelphia NBC affiliate WHDH that practicing for the college-prep SAT Test is akin to “doing a skill like Poker.” If that’s true, then She and fellow students Julie Baldassano, 17 and William Raynor, 17, are masters of their craft, because the trio of Upper Dublin High School students each scored a rare perfect 2400 on their SATs.

A rare feat

Of the more than 1 million college hopefuls who took the SAT test last year, the College Board says that only 360 of them notched perfect scores. The test is the principal standardized exam used by universities in assessing students’ readiness for college.  She, Baldassano and Raynor studied for “years” ahead of their test, and are now each looking toward careers in medicine after their educations, presumably at prestigious universities.

Tips from the trio

The main message that the students give to other future test takers is, not surprisingly, to practice -- a lot. Baldassano tells the station that when it comes to studying for a single test “the more you do the better it'll go and the easier it will get.” That said, she also warns about getting too obsessed with the test and urges students to find “other passions” to keep them occupied.

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