Rumor: 16-year-old girl has higher IQ than Einstein

A 16-year-old girl reportedly has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

CONFIRMED: Lauren Marbe stunned teachers when she scored a 161 on an IQ test, according to reports by SWNS, Examiner, UPI and others.

The 16-year-old, who studies at Roding Valley High School in Loughton, England, took the Mensa-accredited IQ test earlier this month along with others at her school.

She told SWNS that she was the last to learn her score and most others in her class ended up in the 130 range.

The teenager said when she received the test results, "It was such an achievement, and I got a bit tearful to tell you the truth."

And she's just like any other "normal" teenager. She loves fake tanning, blonde highlights and manicures.

"My teachers knew I was quite clever because of my grades, but they had always thought I was blonde and a bit ditzy," Marbe told SWNS. "Now they keep saying 'I didn't realize you were that clever.'"

Marbe dreams of one day being a professional singer and dancer in the West End.

But for now, the teen says, "I love living in Essex and I'm glad that I might be able to show people that we aren't all ditzy and blonde."

If she decides to go to college, Marbe plans on studying architecture at the University of Cambridge, according to UPI.

Einstein's IQ?

It is not certain what Einstein's IQ was, but many reports state it was 160. According to Space, his IQ was 160, which is the same as Stephen Hawking's.


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