Woman in fake Manti Te'o girlfriend pictures identified

Media reports are saying that Diane O’Meara's identity was stolen from her Facebook account.

CBSLA.com and other news outlets are reporting that the woman whose face was used for Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo’s girlfriend on Twitter has been identified. Her name is Diane O’Meara.

According to media reports, “Inside Edition” filmed the 23-year-old O’Meara when she left her office in Torrance, Calif., Thursday. O’Meara refused to comment saying “right now, I’m not making any comment.”

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When members of an Inside Edition camera crew asked her if she had any idea how her image was involved in the hoax, she told them to contact her attorneys. Specifically she said: “Again, not commenting, so go and contact my legal attorneys and they will help you out."                                                       

Her friends are reportedly saying that O’Meara’s identity was stolen and that she had been shocked to discover that her picture was being used to portray Te'o's dead girlfriend in articles and social media.

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Her family members are saying that her picture was stolen from her Facebook account. According to KCAL9, O’Meara is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach and works in marketing.

Te'o's friend Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the person who media reports are claiming is behind the girlfriend hoax, is a former classmate of O'Meara.

KCAL9 reported that her attorney is currently reviewing the case.

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