Where most see just bare thigh, PR group sees billboard

A Japanese advertising agency is paying women to wear stickers on their bare thighs to advertise various products.

Hey, what are you staring at? Japanese advertising agency Absolute Territory PR is banking on the answer being women's thighs.

The ad agency is offering Japanese women about $11 to $110 dollars a day to wear stickers on their thighs advertising everything from CDs to indoor soccer to bookstores.

The agency's website includes pictures of girls sporting the ads. They wear short skirts and socks that reach up past their knees. The bare skin between the skirt and sock is used for the ads.

According to Business Insider, the women must wear the ads for at least eight hours a day and post pictures to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to get paid. Thousands have applied.

Absolute Territory's website lists Green Day as one of its clients. Girls on the website are seen wearing advertising stickers promoting the band's past CD releases in Japan.


The name Absolute Territory PR is no coincidence. In Japanese pop culture, the phrase "zettai rouiki," or "absolute territory/space," specifically refers to the bare skin between a short skirt and a high pair of socks.

According to Japanese pop culture website alafista.com, zettai ryouiki "is commonly seen in the design of many of the female characters in anime, manga or games. Some otakus (anime fans) have even suggested that the ideal ratio is 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt: absolute territory: length of overknee socks)."


Though the phenomenon sounds strange, this is not the first time the human body has been used as a canvas for advertisers.

The famous Times Square performer The Naked Cowboy offered to tattoo Wow Body Ads' logo on his chest and back, Business Insider reported.

It also reported that a man called "the human billboard," Billy Gibbon, currently sports 39 tattoos advertising various products — and he's looking to sell more skin.


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