Tina Turner to give up US passport for Swiss citizenship

The American singer has been living in Switzerland for nearly two decades, and will turn in her U.S. passport.

GENEVA — The American pop superstar Tina Turner is going to be trading in her U.S. passport for a Swiss one.

"I'm very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here. ... I cannot imagine a better place to live," Turner told German language daily Blick.

The singer, known for hits like "What's Love Got to Do With It?" and "Private Dancer" has been living in the Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht since 1995 when her partner, German record executive Erwin Bach was transferred there. The local Zuerichsee-Zeitung newspaper said on its website the local council announced its decision to grant the 73-year-old Turner citizenship in an official notice published in Friday's edition. The notice said she'd passed a local civics test and an interview, the AFP reported.

Her spokeswoman, Karin Rhomberg, told the newspaper that she wanted to "clarify" Turner's situation and confirmed that yes, "Turner will therefore also give back her U.S. citizenship."

The decision still requires formal approval from cantonal (state) and federal authorities.

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