Supersized fry order at McDonald's costs teens $250

A group of Korean teenagers threw a "potato party," ordering trays and trays of french fries.

A french fry fad has caused a fracas in South Korea.

A group of teenagers ordered roughly $250 worth of fries at McDonald's, spreading them out across several trays for a "potato party," according to Gawker.

The supersized order at a South Korean McDonald's did not amuse the restaurant's employees, who reportedly called them brats and told them to get out, Gawker said. And the public was on the restaurant's side, if the flood of support on Twitter and other social media is any indication.

An image posted on Twitter of the table overflowing with fries went viral Feb. 23, but what's behind the fry frenzy?


According to Kotaku, the whole thing started because of a promotional sale.  

The pop culture website reported that McDonald's in Japan started running a special sale in October, putting french fries of any size at a cost of 150 yen per order, about $1.60.

The unintended result has been "potato parties" where teenagers order massive amounts of fries, spread them out over several trays and feast. The sale has not spread to South Korea, but the fad has.

Kotaku said one Twitter user posted a picture in October of 23 orders of large fries, amounting to more than 13,000 calories.

The Japan Daily Press reported that the parties are not popular with other guests at McDonald’s restaurants. The massive orders take up table space and back up other orders.

And, the Press said, in Japan, people are expected to clear their plates — no matter how many fries are on them.


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