Roses are red, but cockroaches are a gift that will last forever

The Bronx Zoo is offering people who make a $10 donation a chance to name a cockroach after their Valentine.

Need a Valentine's Day gift that will stand the test of time?

How about a cockroach?

The Bronx Zoo in New York is offering romantics the opportunity to name a cockroach after their Valentines. For $10, you can let that special someone know how much they mean to you in a form that could weather a nuclear war.

"Naming a Madagascar hissing roach in honor of someone near and dear to your heart shows that you've noticed how resilient, resourceful, and loyal that person is," the zoo's website says. "You're not afraid to say, 'Baby, you're a roach!'"

This "limited-time Valentine's Day offer" will help raise money for the Wildlife Conservation Society. Each $10 donation goes toward the effort to conserve "species big and small, beautiful and damned."

The Bronx Zoo has 58,000 "brown, iridescent beauties" waiting to be named.

Gifters can submit their donation with a credit card on the zoo's website. They'll even receive a certificate to share with their Valentine.


Why stop at bugs? There are plenty of strange gift ideas out there for people still scrambling to scoop up something for their sweetie.

Try the torso-and-arm-shaped "boyfriend pillow" for a lover you can't always snuggle with in person.

Or how about a bacon-scented rose for those whose true love goes best with eggs and toast?

If you aren't sure how to say "I love you" on Feb. 14, you could try dictator Valentine's Day cards, featuring famous dictators like Kim Jong Il, who professes, "You're the Kim Jong Illest."


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